At ROSHA’s we gently extract juices from fresh produce by using COLD PRESSED technology minimizing oxidation and yielding 3-5x the nutrients of an average home juicer. Meaning: more juice, more nutrients, more results! Our juices are: Totally pure. Never heated. Plentiful. Vitamins. Minerals. *** PRICES: US$ 1 = ANG 1,75 ***
GREEN SUNSHINE Leafy green vegetables are helpful for weight management because they are low in calories and contain essential nutrients like dietary fiber, folic acid, vitamin c, potassium and magnesium along with phytochemicals like lutein, zeaxanthin and beta-carotene that also help protect cells from free radical damage.  This juice is designed to help begin the cleansing process overall. Lemon helps detoxify the liver and dissolve mucous. Apple helps break down toxins in the intestinal tract. Help cleanse the body, and regenerate cells, blood and the respiratory system. This is a classic favorite juice flavor combination which tastes like fresh green lemonade that most everyone loves! CARROT CLEANSER This juice is packed with zip and vitamin C along with a bunch of beta-carotene to deepen the cleansing process and gives you energy throughout the day. The trusty apple kicks in to help regulate the colon and amp up the cleansing action. The delicious orange flavor and sweetness from the carrots makes this juice not only beautiful, but tasty too! DETOX & RESTORE Hello Vitamin A and C! Even non-beet lovers LOVE the beat of this juice. A multi-functional juice with a perfect balance of veggies and sweetness. Loaded with tons of minerals to beautify hair, skin, and nails. The juice for people that don’t even like juice. Enjoy in a wine glass. LONGEVITY This concoction will help rebuild, rejuvenate, and re-mineralize your body in the most wonderful and delicious way. It is chock full of minerals and hydrating components from celery and cucumber, along with the calming properties of kiwi. The mint adds some great blood purifying qualities and a “clean” flavor to balance it. Who knew long life and optimal wellness could taste so good? IMMUNITY Slightly spicy, slightly sweet, we call this our tonic for life! Turmeric root is a master herb rich in minerals and life-giving nutrients. Used for centuries by indigenous people for well-being and maximizing the body’s natural tendencies for health. Minerals are critical to the growth of all plant and animal life. This may be your new favorite lemonade! D-TOXA bright combination of detoxifying ingredients and coconut water. Simply sweet and perfect way to start your day. Great choice for alkalizing and balancing with a tart and bright flavor… Not your typical detox juice. BETA BOMB Sweet and warming. Loaded with tons of minerals to beautify hair, skin, and nails. The juice for people that don’t even like juice. An absolute favorite! BEAUTY ELIXIR This multi-functional elixir was crafted to enhance beauty and improve daily performance with legendary ingredients such as aloe, coconut, and raspberries. With the slight sweetness of the agave this beautifying concoction is refreshing and uplifting any time of day or night! PRE-SHRED Simply sweet and perfect way to start your day. Also a favorite for hydrating before and after your workout activities. With its protective health supporting properties, it will keep you fired up and feeling alive. POST-SHRED Great for the transfer of nutrients and energy after a workout. With a combination of superior superfoods and nourishing ingredients, it’s the ultimate feel good smoothie. Oh and it’s chocolate!
Due to an often toxic environment and less-than-healthy diet, juice cleansing is necessary from time to time to remain clear and energetic. For centuries people have been cleansing to gain mental clarity, lose weight, and improve their overall well-being. At ROSHA’s we have found a way to make it fun, easy, and delicious. Give yourself a well deserved reboot! Our Classic Cleanse includes:
  • 1 x GREEN SUNSHINE (350 ml)
  • 1 x CARROT CLEANSER (350 ml)
  • 1 x DETOX & RESTORE (350 ml)
  • 1 x LONGEVITY (350 ml)
  • 1 x IMMUNITY (350 ml)
  • 1 x BEAUTY ELIXIR (250 ml)
Price ANG 50,-  
3 Day Classic Cleanse: Get The Glow Back We combine all of our popular green products in one deeply nourishing experience. Rich in dark leafy greens and lighter on sweet fruits, this is the perfect cleanse for someone looking to detox on a deeper level. Like our classic cleanse, our 3 day cleanse is nutritionist approved for a perfect balance of bright flavor and nutrient dense foods! Time to get the glow back! The 3 Day Classic Cleanse includes:
  • 3 x GREEN SUNSHINE (350 ml)
  • 3 x CARROT CLEANSER (350 ml)
  • 3 x DETOX & RESTORE (350 ml)
  • 3 x LONGEVITY (350 ml)
  • 3 x IMMUNITY (350 ml)
  • 3 x BEAUTY ELIXIR (250 ml)
Price ANG 150,-