Below are answers to common questions about our Diet Delivery Service. If you don’t find the answer to your question, please contact our support team for more information.
How do I get started? Use our super easy online portal to get started or call our enrollment specialist at (5999) 2506627. All online orders will also receive a confirmation phone call from our enrollment specialist. How soon can I start? All members can start their meal plan in as little as 48 hours from enrollment. What happens after I sign up? You will receive a welcome email and a confirmation email once your order has been processed. The welcome email will go over how ROSHA FLS works and reinforce our policies and procedures. The confirmation email will have your order and the amount you are being charged. You have the choice of paying on a weekly basis or monthly basis. Payment needs to be done within 3 business days after receiving your invoice. Be sure to check the order confirmation for accuracy and let us know if anything is incorrect. Do you offer a referral program? We sure do! Whenever a new member enrolls, we question where they heard about ROSHA FLS, if the member uses your name, you get 10% off your next week’s purchase. What address can I email for questions about signing up? If you have any questions about signing up, please feel free to email rosha.fatloss@gmail.com or just give us a call at (5999) 520 6627.
How do I know which plan is right for me? Each of our menus is designed with a specific goal in mind. On each meal plans page there is a description of what each menu was designed for and how much food source each meal contains. If you are unsure of which option is right for you, give us a call at (5999) 520 6627, and our enrollment specialists will point you in the right direction. Can I combine meal plans? You certainly can and we encourage you to do so! Especially if you're trying to lose weight and/or want to get fit. We encourage our clients to combine the 'LIGHT', 'SMART SMALL' and 'SMALL' meal plan. Do you offer a couples meal plan or family dinner plans? We sure do! Our 2 or 4 meals plans are great for couples, family members, friends, and coworkers alike. A couples pack consist of 2 medium size meals. A family meal plan consist of 4 medium size meals. What if I would like less than 3 meals per day? Sure you can! You can go ahead and choose from our 'MALE' and 'FEMALE' plans. These are based on 2 or 3 or 4 meal per day for 6 days per week.
How do I know what's on the menu? Each week (every Thursday) our menus are posted on our website & Facebook page. An email is also sent to your registered email address. Your first delivery of the week will also contain the entire weeks menu. What if I have food allergies or dislikes? We allow 2 complimentary exclusions (additional exclusions will be at an additional charge of $1 per day). We will omit any of your exclusions from your meal plan. At Sign up you will be also asked for your preferences. For example, if the menu says Shrimp Stir Fry, and you have a shrimp exclusion, you would get a Chicken Stir Fry in its place. Our specialists will personalize each of your meals to suit your specific needs. If you have a food allergy, please let us know in advance. We make every effort to avoid cross contamination, unfortunately we cannot accommodate severe allergies or allergies to herbs and spices. We can add exclusions to your account at any point in time just call (5999) 520 6627 or email rosha.fatloss@gmail.com. Are your meals natural? We live on an island where almost everything is imported. Knowing that, we try our utmost best to use all natural ingredients whenever possible. All of the ingredients used in our meals are non-GMO, free of hydrogenated oils, modified starches, high fructose corn syrups, man made dyes, and are preservative free. Our meals are also free of white flour, white sugar, table salt and all of our meats and produce come in fresh at the time of preparation. We use lean proteins, quality complex carbohydrates (low glyceminc), healthy fats, fruits and vegetables. How do I heat my meals? Each meal is weighed out, measured and packaged individually in a BPA-free containers that is microwave safe. The average microwave heating time is about 2 minutes (depending on the capacity of your microwave) for each meal.We encourage recycling the containers when you are done. Healthy body, healthy planet! How long do the meals last? Our meals are all natural, free of preservatives and are on your door step within hours of being cooked. Our meals will last up to 3-4 days in the refrigerator and do freeze extremely well. But for the freshest taste we recommend eating them within 4 days and ordering twice per week (see our temporary delivery options). Do you serve frozen meals? NO. Our meals are cooked FRESH twice per week and delivered within hours of preparing.
Where can I find the nutritional info for each meal? At the moment, for each meal plan (SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE) we provide you with an estimate of calories per meal and the macro nutrients. We are working on providing you with the detailed nutritional information of each meal. Do you offer low sodium and/or gluten free meals? Our meals are very low in sodium. Only moderate amounts of all natural sea (or Himalayan) salt is used. This makes our meal plans perfect for those with high blood pressure. We are working on providing you with gluten free (paleo) meals as well.
In which area's do you deliver? We deliver all over the island! Yes, even all the way to Westpunt 🙂 Is there a delivery fee? NO! We deliver for free! What time does delivery arrive? This is our TEMPORARY delivery schedule due to the fact that we’re in a start up phase: During the TRIAL PERIOD (May 16 – July 15) delivery will be done on SUNDAYS and WEDNESDAY during 15:00 – 21:00. Sunday delivery will contain your meals for Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. Wednesday delivery will contain your meals for Thursday, Friday (& Saturday if you have an ‘athlete’ meal plan). CUT-OFF TIME: For your weekly orders (meals for 5 days) you have to order BEFORE Friday midnight to qualify for Sunday delivery. Orders for Daily meal plan, Couple’s Plan or Family dinner plans have to be placed BEFORE 10:00 AM for same day delivery (for now, only on Sunday & Wednesday). Do I have to be home for delivery? Yes, someone needs to be home. The driver needs a signature on the receipt which proofs that the ordered meals were delivered. If you have any special instructions please add them to the "Additional Info" section when placing your order. What if I live in a gated community? If you live in a gated community you will need to add us to your guest list or provide us with an access code to successfully deliver your food. It is the member’s responsibility to provide us with access, if the driver cannot enter the community at the time of delivery the driver must continue with their route as each driver has many deliveries to be made in a short time. A driver is not permitted to return to a stop after the initial failed delivery attempt. Thus, if access is not granted upon arrival, no credits will be issued for the missed delivery. What if my food is late or I don't receive my delivery? Our delivery hours are between the hours of 15:00 - 21:00 Sunday & Wednesday. While our drivers will be consistent with delivery times, there are factors beyond our control, such as weather and traffic, that can lead to delays. There may be several reasons why you would not receive a delivery. Non-payment, a scheduled hold, our driver could not access your home, or an unforeseen delivery delay due to an uncommon and unavoidable circumstance. If you feel you have missed a delivery in error please call (5999) 520 6627 or email rosha.fatloss@gmail.com and we will contact you at the beginning of the next business day. Can you deliver at a specific time? While our driver will be consistent with their delivery times, no specific time can be accommodated as each driver has a set route that is mapped taking into account real time weather and traffic. Drivers are no permitted to change the order of their route on any given night. Can  pickup my meals at a specific location? Yes, for now we can schedule pickups at most local gyms. Please choose the 'pickup' option when ordering. Should I tip my driver? Your driver does not work off tips and is not expecting to receive them. However, if you feel your drivers service is exceptional, tips are surely appreciated. Is there a cost associated with the cooler bag? All meals are delivered in a cooler bag with ice packs to preserve the freshness of the meals until delivery. There is a one time fee of just ANG 15,- at sign up for the use of cooler bags. What do I do with the cooler bag & ice? Please leave the cooler bag out with the previous delivery ice packs inside so that your driver can exchange them. Cooler bags and ice packs will be exchanged on delivery days. We will replace the defrosted ice packs with fresh frozen packs each subsequent delivery. If the defrosted ice packs are not left out, drivers are not permitted to leave new frozen ice packs. What if I forget to leave the cooler bag out? If you forget to leave your cooler bag out for the driver to access the next delivery, your food will be left in our paper bag without ice packs or insulation. Drivers do NOT carry extra cooler bags thus cannot leave additional cooler bags if the member did not leave theirs out. Who can I contact for delivery issues? Please contact us at (5999) 520 6627 or email rosha.fatloss@gmail.com for any delivery issues. Please do not relay any delivery or customer service related questions to your driver. All inquiries and instructions must be relayed through customer service.
What are my payment options? AFTER registration and order confirmation your weekly or monthly invoice (depending on your choice) will be generated and send to your registered email address. All invoices must be paid within 2 business days after receiving the invoice. Payments can be done using (online) banking (you will find the banking details on your invoice). You may also request a cash payment and our accounting personnel will contact you for further details. How does billing work? If you are a weekly member, every Friday at 12PM (midnight) your package will be automatically renewed if proper notice to cancel was not given. If you are a 20 day (i.e. 4 weeks) member, your package will be automatically renewed at 12PM (midnight) the day of your 20th delivery. If you are unsure as to when your package expires please call us at (5999) 520 6627 or email your inquiry to rosha.fatloss@gmail.com. What is your cancellation policy? All of our members have until 12PM (midnight) the day of their last delivery to have called or emailed in their request to cancel. At 24:00 (mid-night), a computer automatically renews all packages set to expire. If proper notice is given, NO charge will processed. Without proper notice, all packages will be renewed automatically and no returns will be issued. Your credits never expire and are eligible to be transferred to a friend or family member if the need arises. How do I make changes to my account? In order to make changes to your account two business days in advanced notice must be given. Especially if it concerns putting your membership on hold (vacations) or cancellations. Any change to your delivery schedule or meal plan must be either called into our office at (5999) 520 6627 or emailed to us at rosha.fatloss@gmail.com. Any up/downgrades to your meal plan (changing from 'SMALL' to 'MEDIUM' or '12 meals' to '18 meals' etc. will not take affect until the start of the next week.